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Let us share with you 5 reasons why we’re your best choice when deciding between photographers, below is a list of out competitive advantages, and also why we’re more awesome

You receive ALL photos taken on the photoshoot, NONE of our competitors do this

We’re ALOT more affordable, and also accept payment plans for larger shoots such as weddings

We’re faster at providing edited photographs

We also design amazing looking marketing packages with your photographs for your social media and portfolio

We care A LOT about the desired outcome you wish to achieve.

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Mamun Srizon

What our Eskimo’s have been up to lately

Wedding Photography

Want someone who dedicates time to getting to know what exactly you're looking to capture on the most important day of your life? This day only happens once, capture it perfectly with our highly experienced wedding photographers.

Fitness Modelling Photography

BOOM! We understand the judging criteria of competitions, we know posing like a boss, so, we know how to make you look good, and we are AMAZING when it comes to editing, and making any feathering POP.

Event Photography

Don't let your special event be forgotten, with Blue Husky Photography you receive every single photo that is taken on every photoshoot, as well as with our amazing editing skills everyone will shine in your event.

Modeling Portfolio Photography

Wanting to get your foot in the door with an agency? After countless meetings with agencies & being their prefered photographers we understand the criteria of what can make YOU standout!

Engagement Photography

We photograph people in love! We really do love LOVE! Our photographers are fun, bubbly and very easy going! We are confident that Blue Husky are the best eskimos to capture every single one of your special moments.

Business Promotional Photography

know most businesses don't have a dedicated photographer? Let your business have the competitive advantage with amazing Head-shots for promo's and also amazing product photography.

Our more recent shoots

Photo Restoration Prices

Basic Package

Photo restoration by colour correcting, adjusting contrast, density, sharpness and clarity, photo retouching and airbrushing, removal/ adding of people, background or items within the image.

  • 1x $29
  • 2x $49
  • 3x $64
  • 4x $79
  • 5x $99

Advanced Package

Physical damage, adjusting / removal of creases, entire sections of photo missing, tears and surface abrasion. This includes mould, browning, water damage, stains, fading and discoloration, age renewal of image.

  • 1x $89
  • 2x $129
  • 3x $159
  • 4x $199
  • 5x $219

Mamun Srizon
Mamun Srizon
Mamun Srizon
Mamun Srizon
Mamun Srizon

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Our Eskimo family

‘Here’s what some of our others inside our eskimo family have said about our ‘mad skills’


Since having my wedding done by Blue Husky I have sent every single one of my engaged friends to them, I honestly don’t know what I would have done without their guidance and support, and the photos? Absolutely AMAZING, the edited photos that were worked on are absolutely breath taking.

Sarah Batson

Newly Wed


Being a cover musician, I’ve found having an amazing designed press pack through Blue Husky with awesome produced photos has helped me get my foot in the door with more venues, without them my artists wouldn’t have as much work as they currently do, I would never use another photography company for photographing concerts for the musicians in my booking agency. Andrew Easthope

AEM Booking Agency

Art Director at Focus Lab LLC.


I was a little hesitent in getting any head-shots done of our staff at our funky little cafe, 1, because we have a style that's almost impossible to describe, and 2, because it was just an idea for the cafe, and not something I was actually serious about doing. BUT when I saw what came out from Blue Husky we've now innovated to have funky photo's of our staff each month, and now, on our menu's our food looks AMAZING, thanks for the product photography and the head-shots blue! Also, free coffee from now on for you guys. ;-)

Eric Hoffman

Cafe Owner


What I wanted was rather particular, and I required a photographer who could allow me to go through all the photos and let me choose the photos I and my partners wanted edited for our website, I liked working with Blue Husky because they took some stella photos and also didn’t mind me being rather, precise. Thank you Blue Husky for putting up with us! When we let go, and allowed you to express your creativity the end result was unmatched by any other photographers we had previously.

Ramil Derogongun

Visual Designer, Bluroon